I created a new preset that I've been using on indoor shots, creating a melodic blue and fading the greens while still keeping the vibrance of them. I applied it to a few pictures I took in Alaska last summer and am a big fan of how they look (color-wise, more than anything). You'll find that I am enthralled by colors in art, and I will claim that colors are what stand out to me the most in terms of conveying a mood. An individual with a big grin that's color-graded to look like a frame out of a melancholy movie can completely alter the original feeling of the subject. Color stimulates emotions, ideas, and makes things feel more "cinematic" to me.
I am forever obsessed with Alaska. The cooler climate, the vast untouched nature, and the blues that are found everywhere. I will probably touch on that a lot through pictures I post as that trip revealed the most beautiful scenery I have ever witnessed, and gave me the ability to shoot nature like I had never before. If I could move anywhere in the world, it would without a doubt be Juneau.
Website updated, new name, new layout, welcome to my planet of art. 
These first photos I'm sharing on the Frog Blog are collages of work that I recently did for Fitness Evolution. I tried to envision my favorite shots as a spread in a magazine, because I absolutely loved full, two-page spreads in National Geographic mags growing up. When you get the ones with pages that flip open and turn into a poster-size image?? Simply amazing. I highlighted a few gentlemen playing Racquetball, a few product shots to market Fitness Evolution's branded merchandise, and then a trio of shots of a couple working out together. While the racquetball shots radiate creams and subdued warm tones, I kept the other two collages with a new-age and clean look by accentuating the bright lights and raising blues/teal tones.
I'll try to keep posting shoots I do it so there is a visual record of how my work is branching out. Thank you for stopping by to my website, and taking the time to read!
- Jarry
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