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Creating as a whole is an outlet for me, but photography is the most honest way I can express myself.
My name is Jared Internet, and I have been making art my entire life, and specifically have been taking my photography seriously for 7 years. My forte is nature and portrait photography, but I will dabble in whatever realm of art necessary to articulate my ideas and emotions.

The first week I got a “real” camera, I found myself shooting for a wedding and I realized that I can use my art in a practical sense to benefit others. Since this, I have shot for numerous weddings, families, seniors, businesses, and more; all in conjunction with being a part of and hosting my art collections.

I currently run a photography studio, Jarry’s Photos out of Buffalo, MN. I also am a photographer, graphic designer, and editor with Zahler Photography. I live a quiet life an love the outdoors.
I hope you have found interest in my art and feel free to reach out with any interest in sessions, prints, or collaboration.

Jared Lunning (Internet)
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